General Advice

    At Lanzarote Villa Management we have a wealth of experience in several areas that will interest you as an owner or prospective owner.

  • Villa Management
    Preparation for guests, cleaning, welcome packs, etc.
  • Villa Maintenance
    Scheduled and emergency / call out type work.
  • Pool / Hot Tub
    Cleaning, balancing and maintenance.
  • Villa Rentals
    There are many factors that will directly affect your occupancy level, and we are happy to discuss how we can help you improve yours.
  • Villa Marketing
    Looking to create a private professional website? Looking for a state of the art virtual tour? Want advice on the best website portals to link to? Interested in discussing us managing all aspects of your rentals?
  • Purchasing a Villa
    Whether it's directly from builders / developers or from another owner, we can advise you on the process. We can help you furnish a villa, be it though a package type arrangement or simply advising on where to source specific items on the island or how to get items shipped over.

All of this experience, built over a number of years, is extremely valuable and we are prepared to share this with you on a no obligations basis should you be considering us to help you manage your investment in any of the areas in which we operate. We are confident you will find us friendly and approachable at all times and we might just be able to prevent you making the same mistakes that others have made before. The main difference is that you have an opportunity to learn from their collective mistakes and this can save you both time and money and reduce stress in managing such an investment from afar.

For a no obligations discussion about any aspect that we are involved in, contact John in the first instance and he will ensure that a member of the management team replies.